Terms & conditions

Terms of use




1. Subject of the contract

1.1. The Seller - the Internet commerce site www.jewellery.lv, hereinafter referred to as the Internet shop, and the owner of the related rights, Ltd. "Streiča", registration number 44102001342, registered office: 9 Stacijas Street, Valmiera, LV-4201, Latvia which, in the course of its business activities in accordance with this distance contract, hereinafter the Contract, offers and sells the product to the Buyer.

1.2. Buyer - a capable natural person who orders at the Internet shop. When making an order, a person declares that he is legally competent and authorized to shop online.

1.3. The Contract shall be deemed concluded from the moment when the Buyer has made an order and has paid for the Product in accordance with the Contract.

1.4. When making an order, the Buyer confirms that he is familiar with the Contract and the terms and conditions contained therein, they are known to him, he understands them and fully agrees to them. The Buyer undertakes to consult the terms of the Contract at each purchase. The buyer is not entitled to order goods in the Internet shop if he does not understand or agree to the terms of the Contract.

1.5. The Seller is entitled to unilaterally amend and supplement the terms of the Contract. When purchasing at Internet shop, the terms of the Contract apply at the time of ordering the goods.

1.6. Subject to Seller's technical capabilities, the Seller has the right to limit the number of Buyers.

1.7. The Seller has the right to limit the Buyer's Internet shop services without notice or to cancel the Buyer's registration if the Seller believes that the Buyer may violate the Contract by using the Internet shop, attempts to harm the Seller, the Internet shop activity or security or third parties.


2. Registration

2.1. In order to use the Internet shop services and to buy the goods offered therein, the Buyer must register with the Internet shop by entering his name, surname, and by specifying the data for communication - telephone number and / or e-mail address.

2.2. By providing information about itself, the Buyer gives the Seller the right to select, accumulate, systematize and use all information and data provided by the Buyer directly or indirectly through the Internet shop services as the personal data manager.

2.3. The personal data provided by the Buyer will be processed in compliance with the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia regulating the processing and protection of data of natural persons. When processing and storing Buyer's personal data, the Seller will use organizational and technical means to ensure the protection of personal data from accidental detection, alteration or other unlawful processing of data.

 2.4. The Buyer's personal data will be used to identify the Buyer and the Receiver of goods in the sale and delivery of the goods by issuing accounting documents, reimbursing the overpaid amount and money for the goods returned by the Buyer, administering debt obligations, performing other obligations arising from the Agreement, and providing the Buyer with the opportunity to use other online store services. Processing of the Buyer's personal data for other purposes can only be with the consent of the Buyer.

 2.5. The personal data provided by the Buyer will be used only by the Seller and its partners with whom the Seller cooperates through the administration of the Internet shop, delivery of goods and other services related to the Buyer’s order execution. The Seller confirms that Buyer's personal data will not be disclosed to other third parties, except in the cases specified by regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.

2.6. The Buyer’s personal data will be stored for no longer than required by the data processing targets and will then be safely destroyed.


3. Ordering goods

3.1. Please note: Due to automatic ordering in the system, it is not possible to cancel the order or change its contents after        sending an order.

3.2. When ordering, you need to specify the address, first name and last name of the recipient of the goods.

3.3. When making an order, the Buyer confirms that he has chosen to purchase the item in accordance with the terms and          conditions specified in the Contract.

3.4. We accept custom processing for supplies to countries outside the EU. Please note that for legal reasons the shipping value is indicated, this also applies to gifts.


4. Prices of goods and payment order

4.1. The prices of goods are indicated in Euro with the inclusion of value added tax, as it will be on the day the tax invoice is issued. The Product is sold to the Buyer at the price valid on the Internet shop at the time of placing the order.

4.2. The Buyer will settle the goods immediately upon ordering (in advance) using the payment system specified in the Internet shop.

4.3. Only upon receipt of payment for the goods, an order is executed and the goods are delivered to the Buyer at the place of delivery. Payment for the goods is deemed to be made when the entire amount of the payment has been received to the Seller's bank account specified in the payment terms.

4.4. At the time of ordering goods, the price of the goods indicated on the Internet shop is valid.


5. Delivery

5.1. The Seller may, at the Buyer's request, issue the Goods to the Seller's departments:

      *salon "Thomas Sabo", t / c Spice, Lielirbes street 29, Riga, LV-1046, Latvia;
      *salon "Kaprize", Stacijas Street 9, Valmiera, LV-4201, Latvia.

5.1.1. If the Buyer chooses to receive the Goods in the Seller's department, then the delivery fee is not required.

5.2. The Seller will take care that the Buyer’s order will be fully executed, but the Seller cannot guarantee it. If there are no goods ordered or not in sufficient quantity, the Seller is entitled to refuse or offer a smaller quantity of the requested goods.

5.3. If the Seller transfers the Goods to the Buyer in insufficient quantities and the amount of goods delivered is less than the Buyer has paid, the difference shall be returned to the Buyer for the non-delivered goods. This transfer is made within 10 (ten) days after the delivery of the goods.

5.4. The person specified in the order must accept the goods themselves.

5.5. If the delivery of goods is not possible due to the fault of the Buyer or due to the circumstances of the Buyer, the money for the goods is returned, except for the price of the damaged goods, if the goods have been damaged as a result of not issuing them. Upon occurrence of the above-mentioned circumstances, the Seller is entitled to deduct the abovementioned fees and damages from the amount paid by the Buyer

5.6. The Seller issues the goods to the Buyer at the time specified in the Internet shop or during the chosen period of the order if different delivery terms are offered.

5.7. If the Buyer determines, at the moment of issue of the goods, that the packaging of the product is damaged (sealed packaging sticker or other external damage), they shall write it down in the document of issue (tax invoice) on the Seller's copy. Otherwise, it is considered that the product was received without damage to the packaging of the product.

5.8. Immediately upon receiving the goods, the Buyer checks the conformity of the received goods with the ordered goods and the quantity ordered. If the Buyer determines that the consignment does not contain the corresponding quantity of goods or supplies of goods that are inappropriate to the order, the Buyer must immediately inform the Seller about this and describe the discrepancy identified, adding it to the delivery document. The Seller immediately, but not later than within 3 hours, verifies the circumstances specified in the claim and contacts the Buyer to find a solution to the situation.


6. Order cancellation

6.1. The Buyer has the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving any reason. The cancellation / return period is 14 days from the time when you or the third party you indicated as the consignee, but not the carrier, have purchased the goods.

6.2. To use your right of withdrawal, you must inform (SIA Streiča, Stacijas Street 9, LV-4201, Valmiera, Latvia, e-mail: info@jewellery.lv) for your decision to cancel this contract by sending an unambiguous message (eg letter by mail or e-mail). To do this, you can use the attached sample withdrawal form, although this is optional.

6.3. In order to comply with the cancellation period, it is sufficient that the Seller declares the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the end of the cancellation period.

6.4. Goods modified in accordance with the Buyer's specifications or goods that are clearly adapted to the Buyer's personal requirements (for example, engraved items, size changes that do not correspond to the original product in the e-catalog) are not refundable. The Seller is not liable for any errors arising from the Buyer's instructions or specifications.

6.5. If the Buyer cancels this contract, the Seller returns all payments received by the Buyer, including delivery costs (except for additional costs incurred in choosing another type of delivery and exceeding the standard shipping cost).

6.6. The Buyer's payment for the purchase is returned within 10 days after receipt of returned goods and quality check. We reserve the right to refuse the return of damaged and used goods.

6.7.  The Buyer must return the goods or send it to the Seller without undue delay and not later than within 14 days from the day the Buyer has notified the Seller about the cancellation of this agreement. The deadline is fulfilled if the goods are returned back before the expiry of the 14-day period. The direct costs of returning goods are borne by the Buyer.

6.8. The Buyer should pay only for the potential loss of value of the product if this impairment was the result of improper use of the goods as a result of the study of the composition, characteristics and functions of the goods.

6.9. The buyer is notified by e-mail after the goods returned to the Seller have been received and processed.


7. Product return

7.1. The cancellation / return period is 14 days from the time that you or the third party that you specified on the order but who is not the carrier has purchased the goods.

7.2. The Seller will refund or exchange the goods within 14 days upon receipt, provided the product is in perfect condition, not worn, and with all attached tags (price tag, jewelry seal with seller stamp) and accompanying documents such as certificates of origin, gemstone certificates and branded packaging ( such as a jewelry box).

7.3. In order to use the right of withdrawal and / or derogating from the Contract, the Buyer shall send the application for return of the goods by e-mail: info@jewellery.lv and indicate all the necessary data. The Seller verifies the conditions specified in the application within 10 (ten) days when the application for return of goods is filed in the Internet shop through the Buyer's personal account and, if necessary, contacts the Buyer in the event of the application being unfounded.

7.4. Please send the items as a "Return Package" (including a tracking number) to this address and save the dispatches for all possible questions. You will cover the direct costs of returning goods. SIA "Streiča" cannot be held liable for any damage, loss or theft during transportation.

Note on the shipment:


E-Commerce  / Returns

Stacijas iela 9,

Valmiera, LV 4201,


7.5. The Buyer must note that they must completely return the items with the original packaging in order to ensure that they are adequately protected during transport. Trademark (brand) packaging should also be protected as it is considered part of the product and your return may not be accepted if the brand packaging is damaged.

7.6. In order to improve Seller's services and offers, it is particularly important for the Buyer to provide the Seller with information about the reasons for the return of the goods. Therefore, the Buyer must complete a questionnaire and add it to the return shipping.

7.7. It should be noted that postal mail can take several days and the Seller needs some time to process the return of the returned item.

7.8. In addition, the Seller indicates that the goods delivered to the Buyer must be checked in the same way as they are tried in a real shop. If the goods are damaged due to future use, the Seller reserves the right to claim compensation.


8. Product quality guarantee

8.1. All features of the merchandise sold on the Internet shop are listed in the product description for each item.

8.2. Certain types of goods are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. For goods for which a quality guarantee is not issued, the guarantee specified in the relevant legislation is in effect. If the Buyer is not satisfied with the quality of the ordered Product, it is his duty to inform the Seller that it can contact and inform the manufacturer of the goods or the official distributor.


9. Other conditions

9.1. If the access to the Internet shop, registration in the Internet shop or ordering in the Internet shop is not possible or is hindered by technical reasons or reasons beyond the control of the Seller, the Seller shall not be liable for any losses of the Buyer or third parties.

9.2. The Seller is not liable for the consequences if, due to the features of the Buyer's computer or monitor, the image of the Internet shop displayed on the Buyer's computer monitor differs from the appearance of the goods in any way.